I am a cosplay photographer based in the DMV area (D.C, Maryland, Virginia), but located specifically in Baltimore, MD.

I first got into photography in 2002, shooting mainly portraiture and events. I completely started doing cosplay photography in 2010.

When doing shoots, I like to try to bring the characters to life and make them as human as the person portraying them. I do not work from set poses, rather letting whatever candidly happens be what I photograph. I like to have fun during shoots, knowing the best art comes from the most happiest, engaged subjects.

My work has been featured in both COStume MODE Magazine (Cosmode) #40 and #42, cosplayer Athel as Cytomander from Gurren Lagann in the former and cosplayer CosmosFox as Torakaka from BlazBlue in the latter.

If you are interested in seeing more of my work, you can do so by going to both my Facebook and Tumblr pages.